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Buildings within the Old Town Wall

2017 Buildings Poster web

The U3A Local History Group, in conjunction with the Friends of Laurence House Museum, has produced exhibition of the buildings within Launceston’s town centre – this is the area which used to be surrounded by the by the town walls. It is now a conservation area containing many listed buildings and others which are not listed but equally important.

The object is to show the interesting diversity of styles, architecture and building materials and the changes that have taken place since ambitious building began in the 12th century. If you stand in the town square and look around you will see everything from the 15th to the 20th century, and some of those which look relatively modern have ancient interiors hidden under much later facades. It will also draw attention to lack of care resulting in the poor condition of many premises and the indiscriminate ‘filling in’ of any space regardless of its impact on the historic surroundings.

A reduced version of the exhibition will be available for use in schools or village halls.

Please contact Diana Sutherland at the museum on 01566 773277 or by email lawrencehousemuseum@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in this exhibition coming to your village hall or school.


Saturday 12 August
Dark skies : Bright Stars – Printmaking Workshop

2017 Local Heroes Poster web

Come and learn more about one of the Royal Society’s Local Heroes, famous Cornwall astronomer, John Couch Adams

Be inspired and make a print as part of the Dark Skies : Bright Stars project

Free entry to museum – donations towards materials







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