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Open now until Friday 26 October 2018

Exhibition in Downstairs Exhibition Room – finishing end of June
Fishing round the Cornish Coast
Following the success of last year’s exhibition of paintings done by foreign artists to came to St Ives to paint loaned by David Tovey, we begin this year with more of his paintings but on a different theme.







Curiosity brought into the Museum 

An exciting and mysterious object was recently brought in to Lawrence House Museum by its finder.  While demolishing an internal wall at his property, a local man found the bottle pictured which contains a tightly rolled up newspaper.  It is possible to read both the date – 1 October  1892 and the fact that it a copy of the illegible “Weekly”.

With the owner’s permission it is proposed to take it to the Cornwall Records Office for their Paper Conservator to try and extract the newspaper and see if there is anything else inside it. As the newspaper is coiled up quite tightly, removal will need to be done very carefully.

This find begs all sorts of delicious question? What, if anything, is concealed in the newspaper? Why was it walled up? Did the hider hope to expiate his sins without consequence by confessing to a crime reported in the newspaper? The list is endless.

The initial report on the contents of the mysterious bricked up bottle I wrote about last month has come back to the effect that apart from newspaper there were some other papers wrapped inside which has seem to have something written on the back and also a George IV penny dated 1807.

All but the coin are in a delicate state but fascinating nonetheless! Watch this space for further updates.

We hope that the bottle may eventually be put on display but in the meantime, remember, there are lots of superb exhibits on display in the museum for the 2018 season and it’s still free to come in.

William Wise Herbarium Exhibit updated

This year, the William Wise exhibit has been modernised and updated.   As in the past, every week a new page is turned to reveal a plant in bloom for the time of year and is displayed alongside a photograph of the same plant. Wise’s Herbarium can be accessed online and is still an invaluable resource for modern day botanists.








“Strictly Polyphon” the double CD of all 50 discs played on our working Polyphon now available for purchase

Strictly Polyphon Cover


It is on sale at Launceston Tourist Information Centre in the centre of town or from the Museum for £10.

It is also available by post for £12.20 (inc. post and packing).  Simply send a cheque made payable to “Friends of Lawrence House Museum” and a clear note of your name and address to Cherry Warne, Lawrence House Museum, 9, Castle Street, Launceston PL15 8BA and she will be happy to send you a copy without delay.

We regret that, at the Museum, we can only take cash or cheque payments made payable to “Friends of Lawrence House Museum”